Mill Farm Trees: Quality Container Grown Hedging For Year Round Planting

With container grown hedging, you can plant a hedge at any time of year, rather than being limited to planting bare-root plants in the winter months. Container growing is also particularly beneficial when you’re choosing hedging shrubs or plants with tender root systems, or want larger specimens for “instant” impact.

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Product Name





Buxus sempervirens

20-30cm (3ltr pot)



Evergreen Oak

Quercus ilex

60-90cm (cell)




Ulex europaeus

20-30cm (cell)




Ilex aquifolium

30-50cm (9cm pot)
60-90cm (3ltr pot)




Prunus laurocerasus

80-100cm (rootballed)
100-125cm (rootballed)





60-80cms 2yr (bareroot)



Scots Pine

Pinus sylvestris

30-50cm cell grown



Western Red Cedar

Thuja plicata

30-50cm (cell)
60-90cm (3ltr)
150-175cm (10ltr)




Taxus baccata

80-100cms (rootballed)
100-125cms (rootballed)
125-150cms (rootballed)



Our container grown hedging plants are perfect for planting at any time of year. Our pot-grown hedging plants have excellent root development, and if you’re not quite ready to plant when they are delivered, they can remain in their pots to grow and develop for weeks. Our container grown hedging allows you to maintain your hedges to perfection by replacing lost or dying plants when required at the size needed. Call us for details of species and sizes required.

Container grown hedging is easy, convenient and simple to plant. Many first-time hedge growers might find planting bare-root plants (known as whips) a little daunting, Unlike bare-root plants, which require care and attention in the early stages of growth, container grown hedging plants are more developed and therefore take less time to become established.

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