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Help preserve the great British hedgerow with our quality mixed native hedging, each containing a carefully chosen balance of native hedge plants that establish quickly for the benefit of the countryside and its wildlife.

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Native Farm Hedging

40-60cm per 100 metre run (500 plants)
60-90cm 1 yr per 100 metre run (500 plants)
60-90cm 2 yr per 100 metre run (500 plants)
90-120cm per 100 metre run (500 plants)

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Ornamental Hedging

40-60cm per 100 metre run (500 plants)
60-90cm per 100 metre run (500 plants)
90-120cm per 100 metre run (500 plants)


Wildlife Hedging and Screening



Mixed Native Hedging Plants:

At Mill Farm Trees, we specialise in supplying healthy native hedge plants for large and small planting projects. Ideal for farms hedging, conservation organisations, landscaping, screening, private estates, golf courses and gardens. Many customers return year after year with projects aimed at encouraging wildlife and environmentally friendly hedgerows.

Our Native Farm Hedging Mix contains 50% hawthorn with at least 5 other native hedging species to create a traditional farm hedge approved under the Countryside Stewardship Scheme.

Our Ornamental Hedging Mix  contains 25% hawthorn and up to 10 other hedging species including evergreens for year round screening, colour and interest

Our bare-root saplings are available during the winter months and we can supply  container-grown hedging shrubs and plants for summer hedge planting.

Call us and we can help you with a hedge-planting scheme that suits your location and requirements.

We can also create mixes that combine native species with more ornamental or larger structural plants – ask us about our Ornamental Hedging Mix and Garden Hedging packs.